About us

Many women have always dreamed of having wild curls, and so when they’re old enough, they happily visit the hairdresser’s to get a perm. My hair has always been wavy, so I also know about the dark side. It is hard to tame. My wavy hair seemed to tell me I would make a career as a princess, but fate took me somewhere else. I have enjoyed sports for all my life, so there is almost no need to talk about my neverending struggles with hair. The biggest change came to me as an adult.

From my family to a headband

Starting a family brings new challenges to active women. We especially need to do something about our time – suddenly a precious commodity. And I fell in love with running. An extremely useful sports tool entered my life. The headband.

As usual in life, very few things tend to be simple, and with headbands, this is especially true. Trying as I might, I just couldn’t find a headband that would stay in one place while running. You surely understand this is quite a big problem when it comes to sports headband.

On my own

I decided not to give up and I decided to make my own headband. I was sewing, trying different materials, looking for inspiration abroad. And then one day, I got my sweet reward. I went running with a headband on, and it stayed where I put it before I went out. And that place certainly wasn’t my cupboard. I wanted to share my joy with the world, because I was sure I can’t be the only person with this problem.


I entered the world of business with my new brand BJEŽ®. At first, I made all the headbands myself, but later I found some amazing colleagues who have been helping me reach my ambitious goal – to make quality products and provide you, our customers, with the best care possible.

Another important goal for us is to participate in promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle. We enjoy taking part in various sports events and projects as partners, helping people, especially children, to understand that only they are responsible for the life they have. And whether they enjoy it 🙂

Czech product

The materials we use to make our headbands and other products are almost always from Czech suppliers. All our products are certainly made in the Czech Republic with great care and emphasis on quality.

“I’ll be very happy if you enjoy movement and win (even against yourself!) also thanks to the BJEŽ headband.”

Bětka Ježková – BJEŽ.cz founder