headband AZTEK

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Are you feeling a little adventurous? Would you love to go on an expedition to the jungle? Or is it just your weakness for unique and colourful patterns? This headband with an Aztec motive gleaming with different colours will fit you perfectly then.

Momentarily with yellow lining in stock.

In stock

What is so unique about our headbands? They got all the 5 Fs, because they are:

    • Thanks to the combination of soft polyester and velvet they are light and soft, the width of the headband from the „style“ collection 25 mm is just right
    • You can adjust the length of the headband with the adjustable elastic on the bottom part of the headband, which makes it fit anyone, even 4 year olds
  • FIRM
    • They keep each of your hair in place, the anti-slip lining keeps the headband secured during the entire workout
    • Countless original patterns, which you will never get enough of



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