headband PAWS colour

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Coulourful dog paws shining on the cream-coloured background of the headband make it clear to everybody around, that there is a dog fan coming. Is it just a dog walk? Or are you doing agility, dog frisbee or dog dancing? That doesn’t matter. What matters is that your hair will stay in place the whole time. It is a great gift idea!

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What is so unique about our headbands? They got all the 5 Fs, because they are:

    • Thanks to the combination of soft polyester and velvet they are light and soft, the width of the headband from the „style“ collection 25 mm is just right
    • You can adjust the length of the headband with the adjustable elastic on the bottom part of the headband, which makes it fit anyone, even 4 year olds
  • FIRM
    • They keep each of your hair in place, the anti-slip lining keeps the headband secured during the entire workout
    • Countless original patterns, which you will never get enough of


    • Try it!