Race belt – Los Muertos Violet

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Belt that every runner, triathlete or racer would need.

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Race belt (belt for starting number) is necessary equipment of every racing runner, triathlete, cyclist or any other athlete.

Why do you  need it?

  • The race belt prevents your T-shirt or jersey from destroying as it substitutes safety pins that are often used for attaching the starting number.
  • The preparation of the racing number is quick and convenient – simply attach your number to the rubber bands after registration, before the very start just put the race belt on by easy clicking and you’re done. In triathlon, the prepared race belt with the number waits for you at the depot.
  • The belt has two smaller and two larger elastic eyelets for attaching magnesium, gel or another favorite booster.
  • The belt is flexible, adjustable in size, it does not slip neither it “climbs” when moving upwards.
  • During the race the race belt can be turned on your back while in the finish you just turn it to the front with easy movement to let everyone know who is just finishing the race. 🙂