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Thin elastic multifunctional neckerchief with forest and animals on dark background for your protection in cold weather. A great partner for winter running, cross-country skiing or other outdoor activities.

Dimensions: 26 x 45 cm

Match it with winter headband or go directly for set of scarf + headband!

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Light multifunctional scarf is an essential accessory for outdoor activities in cold or changeable weather.

  • it´s perfectly breathable
  • it´s guick-drying
  • it´s multifunctional! It works great as headband, hat, sweatband or scarf
  • it has flat seems on the short side, thank to which it stays in nice shape
  • itś seamless on the long side for even better comfort while wearing


How to take care of your multifunctional scarf?

If necessary, you can machine-wash your scarf on a gentle cycle (up to 40 °C). Do not use fabric softener.

Additional information

Weight 0.030 g
Rozměry width 26 cm, lenght 44 cm
Materiál 95 % polyester, 5 % elastane
Údržba Wash in washing machine, using gentle cycle (up to 40 °C). DO not use fabric softener.