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Those who say one can’t run in winter probably just do not know how to prepare for bad weather. With a few extra layers and a functional headband that will keep your ears warm and keep any sweat where it won’t bother you, running is great even in the snow!

Dimensions: 9 x 46 cm

The size fits adults and older children (from about 8 years).

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We have developed our wide headbands for women, men and the little ones. Our winter headbands are suitable for training or activities during cold days. They are made from non-shrink breathable material, which is also greatly heat-insulating – keeps your head and ears warm. The material is also very comfortable to wear and so you can enjoy running, cycling or cross-country skiing protected from cold and discomfort.

What is so unique about our headbands? They have the 5 Fs! They are:

·         FLYAWAY FRIENDLY –  our headbands keep your hair in shape

·         FLEXIBLE –  headbands are made from flexible material that will adapt to you perfectly

·         FIRM – they stay in place securely, during the entire workout

·         FANCY – tons of creative and innovative patterns that will never get boring

·         FABULOUS –  You’ll see!

 How to wear the headband properly?

The sports headband is designed to effectively wick moisture and sweat away from your face so that you can focus on your training only. It works best if placed where your hairline is. The lower it sits on your forehead, the less it will tend to slip. Moreover, it will fit to your head perfectly thanks to its flexible material. It is suitable for all sports and other activities where you need your hair to stay in place.

Maintenance: If needed, wash the headband in a washing machine, only use a gentle wash cycle with low temperature (30-40°). We do not recommend using a fabric softener.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 g
Rozměry Wide winter headbands are produced in universal size (UNI): 9 x 46 cm (suits to all adults) and in junior size (S): 7 x 44 cm (suits to children and small adult heads).
Materiál 83 % polyester, 17 % elastan
Údržba Wash in hands or washing machine, using gentle cycle (up to 40 °C). Do not use fabric softener.