What it is about

BJEŽ: (not just) sports headband

BJEŽ headband is what many of you have been looking for. Our headband just really stays in its place, does not slip and does the job 100%.

How is it possible?


The headband is made of a soft polyester material with a velvet base. Thanks to these materials, the headband is comfortable, it is light but not slippery, isn’t too tight, so you can rely on it while doing sports or any leisure time activity.


The headband is 25 mm wide, the circumference can be adjusted with a rubber band and also a mechanism that helps you adjust the headband to your head size easily. This is very important, because it is only if you wear it loose on your head, that it really stays on.

The standard size usually fits adults and children from about 4-5 years of age. If you want a headband for a younger child or a man, add their head circumference to the order, measured in the place they would wear the headband. That way, we will know we are sending a well-fitting headband.

Maybe you are asking, “what if I buy a headband that doesn’t fit?” No problem, just send it back, we will make it larger, smaller, or just adjust it, so you’re happy. All of this is completely free, of course.

We are confident about our headbands, we know they work, and if you’re unhappy, don’t hesitate to let us know, we will find a solution.


We are always adding new designs of headbands. We respond to your requests and we keep some designs in stock, we take it easy on the others and we keep adding new ones all the time.

Are you a member of a sports team and you want your own custom design? We’ll be happy to make a headband exactly to your liking, according to your wishes (with your logo, team colours, etc.). The only condition is you buying at least 6 of them.

Do you want to know more about team headbands? Here you can find all the information.

Care of your headnand

The headband is made from a very soft material, so we recommend to only give it a splash in water when needed. It can also be washed in a washing machine on a soft setting with low temperature, but frequent machine washing or fabric softener is not recommended!

What´s next?

All our headbands are hand-made and sewn in the Czech Republic. This is true of all our collections and production on demand. We dedicate a great deal of care to all our products, so it is carefully made and serves its new owner as long as possible.

We enjoy meeting you in person, so we attend events focused on running and other sports. If you want to see our headbands, the easiest thing to do is stop by our stand. You can see where we’ll be and when right here or on our Facebook page

Thank you to all our customers and fans who like our headbands, stay with us and support us!

Do you have more questions?  Let us know.